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About This Software

CardFile3D is a personal organizer, contact manager and data keeper application. It helps you to manage your personal and business information and to create custom libraries for storing any kind of data. CardFile3D has a unique and extremely easy-to-use 3D user interface which makes it the first 3D productivity application on the market.

The list of features is divided into several groups for an easier preview but you can combine these options and use the applications in a way that best fits your needs.

Personal Organizer and Contact Manager features

  • Manage all your Contacts in one place.
  • Customize any Contact fields or add new fields.
  • Link Contacts with Calendar activities and documents, and track complete Contact history.
  • Use Calendar to schedule appointments, task, projects and other activities.
  • Add daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring activities.
  • Set alarm reminder to activity.
  • Manage and track simple projects by defining a Project that you connect to tasks and contacts responsible for those tasks.
  • Create a Skype call or send an e-mail with your default e-mail client.
  • Use the MS Word mail merge feature to produce envelopes and labels for mass mailings.
  • Create and print different types of reports, such as Contact cards or lists, Contact history, Activity list, Monthly calendar, etc.

Data Keeper features

  • Store and manage any kind of data.
  • Easily create a card file from scratch with unique sets of data fields, or use one of 30+ ready-to-use data templates for Home and Work, such as Movie and Music collection, Inventory, Expenses, etc.
  • Use 17 field types to customize your card file, such as Text, Number, Date, Time, Formula, Checkbox, Money, Calculation, Embedded document, Multi-line text, etc.
  • Create filters for grouping data.
  • Sort data across any field in an ascending or descending order.
  • Search data by index search or specific field.
  • Protect your data with a password.
  • Import data directly from MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access or Comma-separated text files.
  • Save data in a compressed file format on any cloud service and open compressed files from another machine directly from the application.

UI features

  • Use the unique 3D Listbox control for a three-dimensional display of items / records.
  • Combine 3D and 2D record views simultaneously.
  • Easily rotate, zoom and place the 3D Listbox in a convenient position.
  • Display a different number of records in the 3D Listbox.
  • Scroll objects with Linear or Zigzag scroll types.
  • Delete records with animated explosions and use unlimited undos.
  • Use the Flare Cursor for quick records preview.
  • Set the global UI animation speed.
  • Easily switch to window or full screen mode.
  • Use 21 built-in graphics themes.
  • Define the playlist order of 32 built-in ambient melodies played while working in the program.
  • Design your own custom skins.

Title: CardFile3D
Genre: Utilities
Studio V5
Studio V5
Release Date: 1 Oct, 2014


May be I WILL recommend it but not for now. It was only 10 $ so I tried it but it is not really complete for me. So far, CardFileMaker 3D 1.0 is interesting but I\u2019m usually working with Google Calendar and Ms Outlook \u2026 It would be great to know that devs are planning to add possibilities to link the Calendar with Google Agenda and contacts with MS Office. An Imports are possible with some Microsoft products but not sync, wich is the way to go nowadays. I would not be ready to move all my things to CardFileMaker without SYNCING them...

Don't give up devs. We're waiting for more possibilities!
. This is a flat field card file data base with a few whizz bang features giving a nice graphical front end. In all fairness the description of the software does not say it is anything else. However, there are a lot of free databases on the market, and this brings nothing new to the table apart from the flashy front end.
I am not disappointed with my purchase, but I think the software needs work before the price can be Justified.

I tried to contact the company who produce this software in order to report a Cut and paste bug. The E-mail was returned with the message that the recipient E-mail box was full. I guess this is an indication of the type of support that we can expect with this product.

So, in summing up, O.K. for a bit of fun, but I cannot recommend it as a serious database.. Very simple controls, very simple features.
I really enjoy the sorting functions and the ability to add, delete and edit all of the fields.
I would like to see support for other file types. Example: I would like to organize MP3 files and playlists with this system.. Hi, people, it's not working at all! It just open a blank window - that's all it do.. First Review on this product!

This software takes some getting used to, but if you want some kind of software such as MS Outlook but want a cool 3-d styled interface, then this product is pretty nice. It was only $10 so I picked it up. I am currently using it for me school events as well as entering my clients\/vendor information for my job as well.. Programm is good but now synchronisation with skype and other mail services it will be nice to make sync with gmail and facebook. Not support at all for this software. I have emailed them twice about the text entry when creating a new file with no reply whatsoever.

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