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Candy Kingdom VR Free Download Crack Cocaine

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About This Game

Requires an HTC vive headset !

Magical Candy Kingdom is a fun candy shooting game for all ages!

Once upon a time in a magical Candy kingdom, there was a king named King Candy and he had so many candies that his whole kingdom was enjoying them every day!
On a glorious day, his army of candy cookies opened the door for a cute little fairy, who was lost and desperate to find a new place that she could call home.

After hearing all the stories that the fairy was sharing with him, he felt that he needed to help her out. Without further thinking he offered the fairy to stay in his kingdom as long as she wanted and enjoy his candies.

At this point, he didn’t knew that the cute little fairy was actually a witch in disguise, wanting to take all his candy and his kingdom.

The king was so interested in the fairy, that he invited her daily to his castle, to hear all the stories, which the fairy could tell him.

He didn’t know that spending time with the fairy caused him to fall into the grip of the witch, who was secretly putting a spell on him.

Days and days passed and step by step the king lost his interest in the candies and his kingdom. He couldn’t and wouldn’t care any more.
Once the kings mind was completely in control of the fairy, the witch could finally show her true form. He wouldn’t see or wouldn’t care…

Under the control of the witch, he did everything for her.
King Candy commanded his army of cookies to destroy anyone who would enter his kingdom from then on.
She even commanded him to switch all the nice candy with enchanted candies, so people who would eat them would be instantly under the control of the witch…
His kingdom is lost. The Candy kingdom needs a new king…

Will you be the new king of Candy Kingdom , destroy the enchanted candies and defeat the army of cookies?

Try to complete all levels to claim the King trophy!

Candy Kingdom features :
- Bright & vivid colors ( lights & sky changes when advancing through difficult levels)
- Candy shooting fun for the everyone and all ages 2-99
- 18 levels and 18 bonus levels to unlock auto-shooting
- Dual wield candy blasters
- easy levels 1-6 , non threatening cookies
- medium levels 7-12 , a few threatening cookies
- Hard challenging levels with threatening cookies 12-18
- Online leader-board , challenge other new Candy Kings !
- Unlock achievements while playing
- Optimized for VR, using the latest technologies ( MSAAx8 by default, automatic render target multiplier from 0.5 to 2.0)

important note :
- When you start, don't forget to pickup the guns inside the train
- If you unlocked auto-shooting, you can select the level on the guns by pressing left/right on each controllers track pad
- Should the scaling not be correct, change to the correct scaling level by pressing +/- keys on the keypad.

Optimized for Zotac hardware! Push the limits
More information : b4d347fde0

Title: Candy Kingdom VR
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Gameplay Studio VR
Gameplay Studio VR
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 or newer, 32-64-bit
  • Processor: I5,equivalant or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX960 , equivalent or newer
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1000 MB available space
  • Sound Card: default sound device
  • Additional Notes: HTC vive required


candy kingdom vr

Great graphics and simple game play. More for kids though, I got bored within the first 10 minutes as the game was just going to repeat the same thing over and over.. colorful,fun and easy to play. nice!. this game is great family fun it is cute and just plain fun. I BOUGHT THIS GAME FOR THE KIDS (7 and 9 y old) AND THEY LOVE IT!!!
. UPDATED REVIEW: The game now "works" for Oculus Rift. Everything functions except the angle of the guns which is still off by a LOT. When aiming straight ahead, they still point at the floor.

Other than that, it's a surprisingly addicting game. It's not bad for the price, especially if you plan on playing this with your kids.. My 3.5 yr old loves this game. Shooting the ginger bread man is her favorite. It's pretty fun as an adult too.. I am not able to run the game with windows mixed reality :-(
in steam. mission cant be accomplished by kids... and this is a game for kids. This ones great fun for the kids. My 6 year old neice loves this game. I find this game mildly entertaining myself, its a little bit fun but definatly not my favorite game on the vive. It has colorful graphics, a cute soundtrack, and its very simple to pick up and play. There are allot of stages to go through but they all feel kinda the same, the difficulty slowly goes up as you move through the stages. If you like what you see in the trailor id pick it up.

New single player level:
-Added a new single player level.
-Added an attic and a basement to the single player levels.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Added better looking terrain.

I hope you guys like the new level as much as i do.

If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments.. Multiplayer issues:
Some people are having trouble hosting and joining lobbies. I'm currently trying to fix it..

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