Can Ashtanga Yoga be Practiced as Therapy

Summary: Expand your horizons about the five top therapeutic benefits of Ashtanga yoga practice through this article.

The science of yoga has been in practice since ages across the globe. Individuals dwelling on the learning, understanding, and practicing of this glorious science are fascinated by yoga in various forms- its healing effects and its intricate link with the physical and mental well being.

Being a newbie to yoga, several individuals often get perplexed about the style of yoga to start with. But for an avid practitioner, the practice of Ashtanga yoga is an inspiring choice. Ashtanga yoga is a popular and prominent style of yoga among the yogis. Ashtanga yoga focuses on breath, movement, and gaze (drishti) for establishing mental clarity and robust health. It is a vinyasa style yoga comprising of specific yoga asanas performed with rhythmic breathing that sums up as an intensive mind-body workout. The application of progressive series of yoga postures, synchronized with the breath makes the practitioner sweat profusely that helps in detoxification of muscles and organs of the body.

Unlike Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga is a more dynamic and free-flowing yoga style with smooth transitions from one pose to another. The poses can be performed at practitioner’s pace and convenience and it does not impact the overall practice. Intensity level can also be modified at a person’s level. The Ashtanga yoga is a widely practiced yoga style across the globe, and it confers numerous benefits to the practitioners. It strengthens and tones the body, leads the practitioners toward correct alignment of the body and re-patterns the way we experience our bodies. Also, at a physic level, it brings mental clarity and grants emotional stability.

Here are six notable therapeutic benefits of Ashtanga Yoga. Take a glance at the list:

1.Strengthens digestive fibers: Good digestion is a key to a healthy body. Faulty nutrition leads to bad digestion and therefore improper digested food becomes toxic matter in our system. The buildup of toxic matter in our digestive system is a manifestation of various diseases and cancer. The practice of forward fold yoga asanas such as paschimottanasana, janushirasana strengthens the digestive fibers and helps the system in the more efficient digestion of food items. Additionally, it is effectual for the removal of toxins from the body taken in by the way of mouth.

2.Purification of the Gallbladder and Large Intestine: The practice of twisting yoga pose Marichyasana offers a wide spectrum of therapeutic actions to the body. It neutralizes the vata, pitta Kapha dosha of the gallbladder and large intestines. The turning of the body from side to side cures gastric problems of the stomach and large intestines. Moreover, the problems of constipation, indigestion are cured.

3.Realignment of Muscular system: The muscles in our body supports our daily movements such as walking, sitting, standing, eating as well as help us maintaining perfect posture, circulating the blood, regulating nutrients throughout the body and supporting the better functioning of other systems. Poor muscular system infringes all these movements and bodily functions. The practice of Ashtanga yoga lays a strong foundation on re-aligning the musculoskeletal system, toning of the lower abdominal muscles and pelvic region.

4.Mental Calmness and Stability: The daily humdrum of life leads to complete brain drain and at times we suffer from depression, mental distress, mental disorders that indirectly impact our physical health. The practice of sun salutations, standing yoga poses, inversions interconnects your body, mind, breath, and spirit making you more calm and stabilized.

5.Triggering Parasympathetic Nervous System: The increasing workload, relationship problems and so much more kick starts the sympathetic nervous system which initiates a series of changes in the body such as increased blood sugar levels, raising blood pressure, etc. Practice sun salutations, shoulder stands, corpse pose to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. It is the ultimate relaxation state that activates good digestion and improves blood flow.

The practice of Ashtanga yoga plays a crucial role in improving one’s physical and physical health.

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