If you are thinking about buying a printer or changing the one you already have because it has gone out of date and does not work well or you simply need something different to cover your current needs, we give you some tips so that your purchase is adequate and you are satisfied printing services manhattan.



The first thing to keep in mind when buying a printer is that you need it exactly and the use that you are going to give it. For example, if you are going to use it a lot or are just thinking about using it at certain times.

In the second case it is not worth spending a lot of money unless it is not a problem. Otherwise, if we are going to amortize it, we can go a little further in terms of characteristics.

Laser printers can also be found at economical prices in the market but are more aimed at a high-volume use of impressions, for companies or even small offices for daily use.

On the other hand, if you do not need it for that kind of frequent work our advice would be that you buy an ink printer.

Laser printers are more expensive compared to ink printers but tend to be faster and print with higher quality, are quieter and do not clog paper so much. Now, with the ink we can save on printing and energy costs if we do not need them for a large print volume as we have already mentioned.


We can buy printers of many prices and many times we think of buying the most economical without considering which cartridges it uses and if it is really going to be profitable to buy it.

Many cartridges have very high prices and much more expensive than the printer itself.

Our advice is that you look for a printer model that can be used with compatible cartridges that are much cheaper than the original ones.

Really companies do not do business with the printers themselves, but with the sale of their original cartridges.

Today there are compatible cartridges of fairly good quality with which you can make effective prints without having to spend too much. On the other hand we must buy the right cartridges so that our printer works properly and we can save our printing tasks.

On the other hand compatible cartridges of long duration although their cost is a little higher end up compensating in the event that you print frequently, otherwise since the ink ends up drying if not used, you can buy the standard capacity to avoid having to clean the printer heads that would cost extra ink.


Another thing to keep in mind is if the tasks you are going to do with your printer are just printing or you also need to make photocopies or scan documents. In this case it is better to buy a multifunction device.

There are two types of multifunction printers: inkjet or laser multifunction.

The inkjet ink cartridges use liquid ink with a method of mixing colors to reach the desired tone and the laser multifunction print in black and white using a toner with ink in the form of powder.

With a multifunction device you save the space of other devices for the other functions, such as a photocopier or a scanner and therefore costs and energy.

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