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Original Title: Borderline

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Western

































Walker breaks in a new partner while protecting Alex from an ex sheriff turned prisoner who blames Alex for putting him in jail and seeks revenge.
This is the very second episode of Walker Texas Ranger and I must say it was a brilliant watch. In only the second episode the relationship between Walker and Alex seems so strong and I give credit to their good acting and their chemistry. The relationship between Walker and Trivette is one-of-a-kind as well they are like polar opposites but work so wonderful together. Floyd Red Crow was instrumental as well.

"Spoilers" Alex is in the midst of prosecuting a scumbag who took out a police officer but at the same time it seems an evil ex-sheriff Dewy Baker(Leon Rippy), has just been released from prison and seeks vengeance on the prosecutor who put him there, Alex Cahill. For awhile it's just mind games, (stalking, killing her horse), and when the time was right he kidnaps her and takes her to some cabin in the woods where no one would hear her scream and now Walker and Trivette must save the day.

One actor I have to give credit to is Leon Rippy who gives a very sinister performance as Dewy Baker with his messed up teeth and spikey hair really adding to his menacing appearance. Great episode with suspense and a satisfying beatdown from Walker to Baker.


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