Blade & Soul: Advice for Destroyer about Cleave vs Eradicate

Recently some players said that they see a lot of Destroyers use cleave over eradicate for their RMB. Cleave requires giu to stay still which means its easier to get hit, you miss AOE damage which is useful for clearing groups of mobs. Also making more BNS gold is necessary.

My main is des, 50 HM 5. And here are my advice.



.10% heal
.Can weave cleave with wrath
.Can weave cleave with judgement for sustain dps


.Requires stable ping
.Single target
.Requires target (but you won't accidentally waste focus if the target is dead)
.Short range



.Not ping dependent
.Can hit invisible targets (but you tend to waste focus when spamming RMB on dead targets)
.Long range


.Short burst/no sustain dps
.No heal

For future patch, we will get to choose an elemental damage we want to enhance. Eradicate is shadow, vs cleave which is earth. You need to make a real decision by then.

DPS wise, eradicate might seem like higher damage, but if you can ani-cancel fast enough, you can do more dps with cleave and for a longer period of time. You can alleviate you focus issue if you get HM skill Galeforce. It would make Eradicate more viable as you can sustain your dps even longer. (Same thing with mighty cleave, if you get this, you should be able to cleave indefinitely with no focus issue)

As you see, there's pros and cons on both sides. Just go with what you like. I personally use cleave. I've seen some destroyers around my area using eradicate. I don't scoff at them or mock them, I don't think many ppl would. So use what you want, be it optimal or not, it's all about having fun.

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