Best Rated FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Players

Top-rated players in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team based on last 365 days of performances in league and cup play.

Date of Announcement
09/09/2016 estimated date

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Top FUT 16 Rated Player

New FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Legends
New FIFA 17 Legends

fifa credits cheapest New Legends coming to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Date of Announcement
10/09/2016 estimated date

Top FUT 16 New Legend

FIFA 17 5 Star Skillers
5 Star Skillers of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Utilizing skill moves is a great way to beat defenders in FIFA 17. 5* Skillers are capable of performing the most complex skill moves in the game.

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Date of Announcement
11/09/2016 estimated date

Top FUT 16 Skiller

Fastest FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Players
FIFA 17 players with the highest pace stat

That sudden burst of speed can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Date of Announcement
14/09/2016 estimated date

Fastest FUT 16 Player

Top FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Goalkeepers
Most rated goalkeepers of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

fifa account cheapest Best keepers you want serving as the last line of defense in goal.

Date of Announcement
15/09/2016 estimated date

Best FUT 16 Goalkeeper

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