A luggage set is a very important thing to have for all kinds of people and for all kinds of traveler. A person who travels often may have ample knowledge regarding which kind of luggage sets would "suit" him best (pardon the pun). Then again, even if you are not a frequent traveler, it is still luggage buyer guide  important that you invest in a sturdy set of luggage which you may need in case of emergency trips.

There are many things you need to consider when shopping for luggage. You have to make sure that they are not overly heavy so that they are convenient to carry; they have to be made of tough material which can also be stylish; you have to check whether the bag has enough compartments for you to be organized and you also have to check the zippers, the handle and the wheels for durability.

However, before you shop for your own luggage set, even if you already know by heart the guidelines you need to follow, you should do one thing first. You should know what a luggage set usually contains. How on earth are you going to buy a luggage set without knowing which kind of bags it should include, right?


The suitcase is usually the biggest bag found in a luggage set. It is also the most widely used and is ideal for frequent travelers and for people who are planning to stay in a vacation for an extended period of time. Typically, suitcases have wheels and have metal hard handles that can be pulled up and are made to stand upright.

Wheels make those suitcases, which most of the time are heavy, easy to carry around. Instead of having to carry them with our arms, we only have to wheel them around. Suitcases are also usually made with a hard cover though they are also manufactured using soft and semi-soft material. Hard shelled suitcases however are ideal for storing valuable items especially those which are fragile.

Suitcases come with compartments, pockets, zippers, and the like. But unlike other types of luggage, suitcases are made to retain their shape so you can be assured that none of the things you packed in there will get crushed at the airport


Another component of a luggage set is the carry on. These are generally smaller than suitcases and are named such because they are designed to be carried inside the plane during the flight. They are to be placed on the plane's overhead compartments or the area underneath the seats. It is not too small though to fit all your essentials and can even accommodate bigger gadgets such as a laptop.

The biggest size of carry-on luggage available in the market is around 20-22 inches. This kind of luggage is a must-have aside from the suitcase so that you will be able to bring inside the plane the things you need during the flight. Most carry on luggage is made of either soft or semi-soft material. They are ideal for narrow spaces and so it is not recommended to pack fragile objects inside the carry on luggage.

While suitcases are usually wheeled and upright, there are many types of carry-on bags. A carry on luggage can be in the form of a backpack, shoulder bag or a wheeled suitcase. There are also some models which you can adjust and can take the form of any of the three.

Utility kit

Utility kits or bags can be as small, or even smaller, than a carry on bag while others can be as big as and may also come in different shapes and forms. The general purpose of utility kits is to carry toiletries and cosmetics. Zippered compartments are very important in a utility kit because they store small objects that can be easily lost. These compartments keep the contents organized and make them easy to see for the user.

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