Every September a new FIFA lands in our consoles, often with a raft of updates and changes that improve on last year's version. But what about you, FIFA fan? Do you change your game every year? If you're anything like us, you treat each new version as a chance to really get your tiki-taka football into shape, before abandoning it all after a week and playing the same old long-ball nonsense.

We all have bad habits when it comes to FIFA, from swearing at the refs (even when it's legitimate – we’re looking at you, Hayden Pennyfeather), to rage-induced tackling sprees. We've picked out five of the most common ones, to encourage everyone to up their game for the new year. And don't worry, we'll be abiding by them too.Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

1. Stop missing sitters

You're a FIFA veteran. If there were medals handed out for service to FIFA, you'd be one of the most decorated players in the country. There's no scenario you haven't seen before, and you've played your way out of some real scrapes over the years. But when you're presented with a square ball and an open net, even you – the ice cold dispenser of Ls – can't help but try to roof the finish for emphasis. You should know better.

FIFA punishes that sort of cockiness with ruthless severity, and now you'll be having flashbacks for weeks, watching the ball spiral into the upper tiers of the Emirates Stadium as a crowd made up entirely of your mates laughs and chants rude songs with your name in them. Just tap it in next time.

2. No more tantrums

Ever been sacked by your Career Mode club for swearing too much? If you have a Kinect plugged in, it'll pick up your ranting and raving, and you'll get repeated warnings from the club board for foul language. Do it too many times, and they'll sack you on the spot, no matter your record. There's something quite shameful about it. Can you imagine how foul-mouthed a manager would have to be in real life to get the sack for it?

Either way, your bad language is costing you valuable progress and annoying the neighbours, so cut it out. Same goes for smashing up control pads when 'FIFA is cheating again' or when the ref fails to give you a sure penalty. No one's impressed at your tantrums, and your family aren't made of new controllers.

3. Stop tackling the ’keeper

Much like roofing a tap in, this one is just too tempting to resist for most of us. You play the most delightful of through balls, slicing through the opposition midfield and back line like Messi waving a katana. Wait a minute, though – you've slightly overhit the ball and the goalkeeper is going to get there first. How dare they ruin this glorious sporting moment!

Naturally, you (OK, we) slide in to punish their lack of respect for your footballing genius, but because they're stuck in the animation of collecting the ball, your challenge does absolutely nothing. Nothing that is, except to trip up the ’keeper when they stand up again, promptly getting you sent off. In fact, stay away from the slide tackle button for the rest of January. There's a New Year’s resolution for you.

4. Quit mashing

This is a tricky one to give up, because it's about technique rather than willpower. Although EA improved the tackling system a few years back and made it more precise, it doesn't stop most of us from mashing the standing tackle button whenever we're near the opposition ball carrier, with confirmation bias convincing us retrospectively that this totally works. The trick, of course – as EA, to its credit, has been trying to emphasise – is to win the ball just through positioning yourself correctly, without even having to physically make a tackle. Unfortunately for you, whenever you manage to pull that off, you've already hoofed the ball way downfield because of your button mashing. Definitely a bad habit worth retraining.

5. Stop quitting when you lose

If there's one entry on this list that we'd urge, and swear to stick to ourselves, it's this. At the risk of sounding like a boring old TV pundit, football is a game of two teams, and you can't expect to win every game. Even the most dominant sides in history – the great Real Madrid side of the '50s, Liverpool in the late '70s and early '80s, Brazil in 1970 – all lost the odd game.

So if you're playing online and someone scores a last-minute winner against you, don't pull the plug – take your L and hold it in your chest. If FIFA cheats you in Career Mode, and you lose 1–0 with 25 shots on target, don't quit and reload the game – take your loss on the chin and rise above the temptation to cheat. Losing is what makes winning that much sweeter.

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