Writing isn’t hard, but writing well is a different story altogether.

Just because you can communicate your thoughts and ideas by putting a few sentences together, or you know the difference between then and than, your and you’re, there and their, in no way means that you can write something that is good.

To be more precise, there is no exact science about creative writing.

Write what you know

You have been given this advice several times. Right? That’s because it actually works and it is really good advice. Use, characters, settings, language, and background that you already know.

Write what you do not know

With the help of your imagination, create new relationships, new situations, new characters, and even new worlds. Write about a different place, people and history you are not familiar with.

Read widely and well

Reading is the soul of writers. It helps a lot in developing new ideas and polishing writing skills. Make yourself familiar with the published content of the writers of the same field, whether it is literary fiction, thrillers, short stories, fantasy, or poetry.

Magnetize your readers

No one will read your novel, short story, or any written content by force, so it is of utmost significance for you to magnetize your readers right away.

Show rather than tell

Too many adverbs, description, and adjectives can make your narrative slow as well as your readers will lose interest for sure. It is wiser if you show your readers about the atmosphere, the relationship between characters, and their nature.

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