Skill trainer has returned with more advance improvements in the upcoming game of Madden franchisee: Madden 16 Coins. The game will release next month on August 25, 2015.

But before its approaching release buy NFL 16 Coins date, developers shared the details of skill trainer mode where players can train themselves before plunging into professional game play. Players can learn new game mechanics as well as form their fundamental madden NFL skills.

Madden NFL 16 has included numerous brand new tutorials in the game. This game will bring more than 60 set of tutorials and drills for players to train, and it has brought the total content of the game to all those tutorials, so that even beginner can learn all skills quickly. It brings ease for all players to learn every move.

The purpose of inclusion this skill trainer is to provide platform to learn Madden NFL basics so that players can improve their game. The second question that arises here is what about the players who have little experience?

Beginners don’t need to worry on this, as the team has set up tutorial by keeping those players in mind. When one will enter into skill training tutorial on Rookie or Pro, he will see an additional set of tutorials called, “Help! I am new to Madden.” Fans would love this feature, specifically beginners where they can sharp their skills and learn new techniques of game play.

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