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Alteil: Horizons has the structure of a CCG and the flow o 5d3b920ae0

Title: Alteil: Horizons
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Strategy
Apocoplay LLC, Ludeme Games, Coreedge Inc
Apocoplay LLC
Release Date: 27 Oct, 2016


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I have been playing Altail for years because of the excellent gameplay, fantastic music and beautiful art. If you like TCG and strategy games you should try Altail. Pros Excellent gameplay. Fantastic music. Beautiful art. Tutorial that explains everything in a easy to understand manner It is easier to earn cards in Alteil: Horizons in then it was in original Alteil that gosh dang card matching mini game is gone:) Cons. An option to skip the tutorial whould be nice. There are some optimization problems which is to be expected when game has out for less then a week. I gave Alteil: Horizons 8/10.. Going to echo all the concerns about the client being abysmal. The game is exceptionally laggy, and while I don't have issues running other games (Path of Exile, Eternal--which is where my avatar is from), the client is just.ugh. As someone who played in the old days of Alteil (and was one of its highest rated players ever), I REALLY wanted the reboot to wow me. Unfortunately, the client is extensively convoluted, and, as I'm reading, the progression is still abysmally slow. I'm really hoping I can come back to this game ONE DAY with a smooth, working client, and progression that actually smiles upon the vast majority of players. Unfortunately, that day hasn't yet come, judging by other reviews, and my own experiences.. Never was able to actually play the game. First off, i couldent even run a background progeam while this game was running because it would caouse a connection error. Second, when shutting the game down, it didnt actually shut the game down. Instead it started 15 more instances of this game that i had to close in task manager. Thankfully the uninstall works just fine. Im not in a habbit of supporting games in full release that obviously should be in eairly access.. I LOVE THIS CARD GAME. The mechanics are interesting, the design is solid, and the cards are more or less balanced. It's really fun, not TOO luck based, and incredibly diverse and unique. Art is pretty, on top of all that. Which is why it pains me so much to say that the client itself is honestly. lacking. I backed the Kickstarter a while ago, for $50, and have found that. well, as many have reported, it's not up to snuff. Somehow the steam client lags more than ETHAN CARTER. It's slower than any other game I have, and I have an SSD on a pretty new laptop. It actually lags more than the browser version of itself, which is inconceivable. To put it in metaphor, it's like one of the most well-developed games ever created was printed onto copy paper, haphazardly cut out, and laminated at a library. It's just unfortunate. I'm reccommending this because I know how it is with starting things, and giving it a thumbs down at this early stage, would mean taking away any chance of it ever improving. So I am giving a positive review, with tentative hope, that the day will come where this card game gets a proper setting. Okay, so separate note, what actually bothers me about the game itself, ignoring any bugs and lag - > The scaling is weird. I wish everything was centered, and I wish cards were bigger in the file editor. > The menus themselves seem disjointed, the actual view of your library is also a strangely small part of the screen. > Everything that I want to have in the file menu is there, but it all just feels terribly disjointed, and text is small enough that it's uncomfortable to read. And there's a LOT to read. > I opened a box of packs and just. it lagged and never showed the pack opening. The cards are in my file, but i have no idea what I pulled, honestly.this one's not too big an issue, but I'm sad about it anyways. > Hovering over cards doesn't always work. The card info will appear all over the place, often off-screen.. Alteil: Horizons is a card game with depth. A very useful and nicely done tutorial. The gameplay is intuitive and rich. The quality of the graphics is high. An all round well produced game.. Lots of optimization issues initially, but runs pretty smoothly now. Longtime player of this game, dating back to its launch. Very fun game with lots of card variety. The open library that is your deck creates an additional layer of strategy. Luck is still a component, but there is a great deal of tactical depth to deck-building. Definitely recommend giving this a try if you like an interesting mix of tactics and deck-building.. I LOVE this game! It's very different and possibly the best online card game I've ever played. I have a lot of fun with the strategies you can do with it, along with the cards you recieve. You can buy cards, but you can also earn them, which makes it an official non-PayToWin game! Not to mention the art on every card is amazing! I seriously reccomend this game 100%.. RIP & RIPped. My favorite game and the only game i have ever played since I was a kid.

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