According to Iran's football association, China's pre-war conference should be in the noon at half past twelve.But as a result Chris Kreider Jersey of dissatisfaction with the time arrangement, the Chinese team did not attend the conference on time, coach marcello lippi has not appeared in the conference. China is more than half an hour drive from the release of the hotel, at half past twelve for Iran to arrange conference, mean that the Chinese team lunch and lunch will be badly affected.This also caused strong protests from China.Association before the game, the Chinese team has carried on the communication on the matter with Iran, want to modify the conference time, but Iran did not give a clear answer, so lippi also have no time to participate in the conference in accordance with the relevant provisions. So far, the two sides are still in the adjustment of the conference on time.If the conference in today's absence, lippi will simple interview before on field training. Lippi afc champions in 2014 against the north, once because of unreasonable refused to attend the conference time, still so punishment Derek Stepan Jersey by the Asian football confederation.Absent, the conference, the Asian football confederation on marcello lippi and China for punishment, is still uncertain

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