A Day in the Life of a Mobile App Architect at Clearbridge Mobile

By 2021, global app downloads are anticipated to spike to 352 billion. Mobile apps are habitual for most people, but very few are aware of the architecture in place underneath the surface of their favorite applications. At Clearbridge Mobile, our Mobile Architects contribute to a highly collaborative, team-oriented environment and occupy an important role as mentors of the mobile app development team. IOS App Development in New York If you’re just entering this blog series, we’ve already profiled a typical day for Project Managers, QA Analysts, and UX/UI Designers. This installment will highlight the role of Mobile Architect, Roberto Galeano, and the importance of app architecture for delivering fully structured mobile solutions.

What is Mobile App Architecture?

Mobile app architecture encompasses the techniques and practices necessary for building fully functional mobile apps. These techniques are composed in agreement with industry standards and client requirements. Well-structured mobile app architecture helps increase maintainability and expandability which limits the business risks involved with app development. 


Presentation Layer – The presentation layer contains the user interface (UI) components and UI process components. At a high level, this layer defines the app’s presentation logic and how the product will look in the hands of its users.


Business Layer – This layer focuses on how to demonstrate the business identity to the user. The business layer is comprised of workflows, business entities, and components.


Data Layer – The data layer houses data-related components including access components, helpers, and utilities, as well as service agents.


So, what exactly does a Mobile App Architect do?


Roberto: If you find out, let me know.


(Jokes aside). Creating mobile app architecture involves selecting multiple structural elements within a mobile app and its interfaces. One aspect is creating backend database design. The backend is a critical piece of app development because that’s where the value is. An app in itself is nothing if it doesn’t manipulate the right data in a timely fashion.


I am responsible for creating a technical solution from end-to-end. I translate the client’s vision into a functional and practical framework for their mobile app. I make sure the things we do in development meet certain standards and follow best practices to ensure expandability. We don’t want to rework our progress as we add features and the app matures.


I look for opportunities to improve reusability and leverage what’s worked for us in the past. Knowledge transfer is a big part of my job.

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