Se optimization (SEO) is a red-hot technical field right now. Hence, there's increased interest for most professionals in learning SEO -- whether it's to learn to write search engine-optimized copy, or become an SEO consultant, or an internet site optimizer, etc. Many SEO courses are offered online, others are given offline (in-person), and then there are ebooks and DVDs on this topic. So, how are you aware which to choose? Is one option better compared to other?

As who owns an SEO writing company and developer of an on the web and offline course that teaches this skill, I receive questions such as this most of the time. One potential student emailed me, asking the following:

Take an SEO Class Online or Off: 3 Questions to Answer That Will Help You Decide

Following are three questions to ask yourself that will allow you to decide whether learning SEO online, or via an in-person class, is better for you.

I. Can I Afford In-Person Training? Usually, taking an on line class is cheaper because it doesn't expenses - for you personally, or the course developer, over and beyond the specific cost of the class. So, even when taking an offline SEO course seems like the better choice for you, it won't matter if you can't afford it. So, answer this question first.

II. How Much Do I Already Know?When you have a fairly good grasp of SEO, then an online class may do the job because this means you do not need the hand-holding that a lot of newbies need.

On the other hand, knowing practically nothing about SEO and get the language around it confusing (eg, blackhat tactics, latent semantic indexing, meta tags, reciprocal links, stemming, static content), then an in-person class is normally the greater option.

III. How Do I Learn?Most of us learn differently. Some have the desired effect by researching concepts independently and building on it. Others need a knowledge source facing them (ie, an instructor) to spell out things - and ask questions as needed - before they grasp a concept.

Like, I learned SEO on my own - by simply researching, reading and testing concepts for myself. But, I'm horrible at math. I require a knowledge source beside me to spell out it to me and allow me to ask questions before I can fully understand.

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One way of learning isn't better compared to other; it's only different, that's all. Which camp would you fall into?

If you're what I call an "independent" learner in this area, then an offline SEO class may work for you. If you're more dependent in regards to locate engine optimization, an in-person SEO course has become the route you need to take.

Important Point out Remember about Taking an SEO Course - Online or Off

Whichever option you choose, just know, learning SEO is an ongoing thing. The reason being search marketing and the tools and companies that drive it (eg, Google) change most of the time. Google can change their search algorithm and a website that ranked well 1 day could be buried on page 1,000 the next.

Once you know the basic principles though, it's like being a professional in any other career that faces constant change (eg, lawyer, doctor), all you need to do is keep your expertise fine-tuned to be successful.

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