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It's 8:08am on 8th August 1988, and the evil Dr. H8 has brought the world to the brink of total annihilation! His demands are simple: pay $88 octillion within 88 minutes, o 5d3b920ae0

Title: 88 Heroes
Genre: Action, Indie
Bitmap Bureau
Rising Star Games
Release Date: 24 Mar, 2017


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An extremely fun game, all of the heroes are unique and interesting, fun and silly. The random aspect of keeps the game fresh and fun. It reminds me alot of an old Genesis game called Kid Chameleon, but with way more heroes. Also has a very enjoyable sense of humor and fun tone to it. very awesome game.. Unfortunately I should put a much negative review than I want to for this Game as it is enjoyable only for the variety of Characters so NOT for his story (bare to the bones: Big bad Alien try to make quick cash taking hostage the world and mistfists heroes try to stop him. THE END no more is given to you than that so DON'T expect: cutscenes, characters dialogue with the villain, epic ending (more a "roll the credits") and things like that) and NOT for his levels (with no story the game leave you to a bunch of levels to beat and there is 88 of them, they're not randomized and you will learn to know them quickly. The first 20 something levels are fun then little by little you can see the enemies don't change much, expecially in last levels and can also see that devs put too much effort in making levels crazy unbeatable than fun (so no cool strategy to devise only a lot of luck and repeating), ideal for masochists or people who like to try,try and try levels until they beat them (pretty much like the people who play slot machines). And as someone else in these reviews pointed out Boss battles are the same for each of the 4 worlds only made the Life bar a little bit longer so the classic saying: " if you see it once you see it all" it's valid here. This are from my perspective the bad points that make this game a little bit more of a chore to play than fun. Now let's see the good part: The characters 88 Heroes is a fun brigade to know most of them useless and in there just as spoof of much more iconic heroes or to die in a spectacular explosion of pixels .You can see the developers put much more work on them than the rest of the game as each got a set of moves specific for each characters (so different in-game mechanics to use) a good brief backstory for each to give you an idea where they come from and unique voices (that make you like them more or less). They are funny, easy to get and the player will love to reuse them to try all their "quirks". Do you need 88 levels for that? the answer is No. Do they die easily? let's just say is based on how good you are with each character but even the best player couldn't complete all the levels with Mr. Colossus (too big to pass some points) or the Mucus guy (bounce everywhere and good luck passing through the skulls with the sunglasses). So the bad thing is before "retry" a character you have to collect 88 coins this to revive them and let me say there is a lot less coin around than what's really needed. Now where are we in all this? aside controlling the heroes Our perspective in-game is from the back of a monitor of the Big bad H88 this Alien guy who to be honest is also a well made character but a little repetitive in his behavior as he will in rotation comment on heroes death/winning the level: saying it's stupid or dumb, shoot manservant robot head, scream at the screen: without taking count of wich hero is on it and if you leave for a bathroom break, the villain will also go for a "pause". But in the end is fun to have around and you could tell his perspective and generic opinion on the heroes performance will be pretty much your own (slap my face each time I see them fail). The question you should ask yourself is: Is worth buy this game for 15$ only for the characters? My answer is: Meh I already throw away my money blindly for this game just because I love superheroes so retry a level every once in a while for a hour or two will be fine and hopefully (in my dreams XD) developers will come out with more content (dlc, stories/objectives sections, etc.) that will make my purchase get more meaning. If you want to help developers (who could give us some more in deep good games in the next future) and don't mind waste money [:'( *sniff* go for it. Do I reccomend other people to spend this kind of money for it: No. Go easy on this and read what you get for. Then If you still don't care.. Amazing game, fun and quirky. 8/8 would play again.. 88 Heroes lives and dies on the novelty of its core gimmick, the titular cast of bizarre, offbeat heroes. Fortunately, each hero has different properties, not all of them helpful (several of the 88 Heroes have control schemes designed to hinder you). Learning the quirks and abilities of each hero is the primary source of fun. The actual game consists of 84 normal levels and four boss fights. Most levels provide you with many options for proceeding, though certain characters are better suited to a given challenge than others. However, after finishing the game once, your only options for further play are replaying the main game or playing special challenge modes that limit the number of heroes you use, but still utilize the same stages. Further, while the level design is varied enough to provide challenges and opportunities to most characters, much of this comes off as incidental. Certain characters are able to trivialize large swaths of the game, while others have weaknesses that cripple them in many cases. The developers have admitted in community threads that they did not put much thought or effort into any sort of balance, and it shows. Claiming it was intentional doesn't really excuse it. However, despite these criticisms, 88 Heroes remains a charming game with a lot of variety. If you just want to spend a few hours now and then playing with a random assortment of weirdos, you should absolutely pick this up (though, I wouldn't rush, wait for it to go on sale). If you're looking for a deep, rich experience that always feels completely fair, on the other hand, I would suggest looking elsewhere. One final note I'll make, that isn't relevant to most potential buyers, is that this game strikes me as especially well-suited to livestreaming, given the frenetic, chaotic gameplay and endearing characters.. I don't think that I will absolutely ever beat this game, but I don't think that is really the point. Featuring 88 playable characters, each with their own personality and controls, this game feels less like a practicable, technical platformer and more like a grab-bag party game like Mario Party. The strong-suit of this game is rarely the levels or the bosses or what most platformers often shine through, and instead in the overpoweringly awesome aesthetic. This aesthetic, if you are in it for the journey and are as excited as I am to try to overcome the challenges with each new control scheme and character, is a propelling force towards making this game fun. Certainly not a flawless game, but for those looking to take a few shots in a difficult, adaptation-based platformer (as opposed to practice and muscle memory), this is a very unique and worthy choice. With its faults, I'd give this one a fair 6 or 7/10.

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