According to a study from the portal, stress and daily activities are factors that gradually cause a couple's sexual life to fall into monotony and boredom. So that this does not happen to you, suggests five simple tips to revitalize your sexual life supplements for stress.


  1. Stop smoking: The tobacco decreases the blood flow that irrigates the body, in the case of men this prevents them from having a complete erection. In women, libido decreases.


  1. Nuts and seeds: Nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds contain arginine, an amino acid that increases blood levels in gingiva. They are known as natural viagra. Include them in your diet.


  1. Chocolate: Stimulates your libido thanks to its high content of phenylethylamine. During sex you can put some liquid chocolate on your partner's penis or breasts and enjoy its rich flavor.


  1. Make Sex Personals: The sex should be spontaneous, but occasionally plan a sexual rendezvous but outside your house; It can be a hotel, the cinema, the car, etc., you decide.


  1. Romantic dinner: Never lose romanticism, prepare a delicious dinner that both share with joy and love. Include red wine, place candles and seduce him with a sexy dress.

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