By now you probably already have a pretty clear idea of ​​what makes an e-commerce site work well and that there are many advantages of electronic commerce. However, nothing better than knowing concrete examples of platforms that are really triumphing in your segment. We share below 5 examples of successful commerce inspector.


Each of these examples of electronic commerce has a very different business model. We recommend that you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each one as well as their trajectory over time so that you can see how they have adapted to technological changes and society.


Amazon, the most typical example of e-commerce

Probably the most well-known e-commerce platform currently and with proven success. The company has managed to be successful in the Ecommerce by allowing other people to sell their products on its website, but also offers on its own a large number of products of all kinds.



It is also one of the most successful Ecommerce stores on the Internet that stands out for its clean and simple web design, in addition to having a list of quite assorted categories, search function, free shipping on all orders. Without a doubt, a very successful Ecommerce.



This is a company widely known in the segment of desktop and laptop computers. It also has a successful Ecommerce from where buyers can access a wide variety of products, special discounts and a fully optimized web design to maximize the shopping experience.



It is an e-commerce website, known for offering auctions of all kinds of products. Here also people can register and sell their products directly. It includes a buyer protection program that is a sample of how good things can be done with customer service.



It is also another example of success in Ecommerce, focused on the sale of products such as gadgets, electronics, collectibles, T-shirts, etc. Each product is perfectly described and the photos that are included illustrate its main characteristics in detail; without a doubt a sample of all the effort put in the creation of an attractive Ecommerce.

Do you know any other example of electronic commerce? Of course, there are many more and each one has its particularities but perhaps the previous five are some of the most representative cases that exist today.

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