4 File Backup Solutions For Your Consideration

No matter which of these file backup solutions you find most suitable for your needs, it's better to act in due time and prevent, rather than heal, especially when you have access to various affordable and reliable backup options.

Are you currently storing important files on your computer, such as personal data, tax information, work documents or priceless photo memories from all your trips? If your answer is affirmative, you are among hundreds of millions of people who live dangerously digitally nowadays, but who don't necessarily need nightmare scenarios, such as fires, floods or theft in order to acknowledge the real risk of losing everything if they do not resort to efficient backup solutions.

Instead of understanding the importance of a reliable backup plan after experiencing unfortunate events, it is far easier and cheaper to take the necessary precautions so that you can maintain the safety and well-being of your important documents. To this purpose, you can take into consideration various backup options and solutions, all popular nowadays among computer users, and select the one that meets your budget and preferences best.

1. By far the most efficient and safe method of ensuring your files' safety is online storage and backup. This is also an affordable solution and it protects your files and data from viruses, hard drive failure, floods, fires and any other unfortunate event. The user-friendly interface, and the useful features including remote access, versioning, bulk uploads, various sharing and security options make online backup option by far the most reliable and efficient.

2. Affordable but more labor intensive is storing your files on CDs and DVDs. Depending on the amount of data you're planning to backup, you might need several discs, but pay close attention to the quality of the discs you're buying. If you're purchasing DVDs or Blu-rays from your local store, chances are their low quality will cause dropouts in your pictures and videos, as well as data loss. Investing in quality is also a better alternative to seeing your money and time wasted, while your important data remains forever lost.

3. The third file storage solution you have easy access to is the external hard drive. It might seem a bit uninspired to store files from a hard drive that will potentially crash onto another, but the theory states that chances of multiple drives to clash simultaneously are very slim. Therefore, the data you lose during one hard drive failure can simply be replaced with files stored on your external hard drive. This system is widely popular because these devices are extremely cheap. One terabyte of storage space can be acquired for well under $100, making this data backup option one of the most common solutions.

4. Using thumb drives to store and backup your data is a popular backup solution because it is so accessible and inexpensive. These data storage devices offer a practical and efficient solution because they are lightweight, easy to carry around and of small size. Their storage dimensions range from a couple of megabytes to lots of gigabytes, while their high portability and durability make them an affordable solution to data loss risks.

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