2015 Which mobile get the most advanced camera ?

Samsung from galaxy S5 began to use the PDAF technique, and LG is to our show laser autofocus, and Lenovo in the latest vibe shot series products bring the infrared focusing system, Sony is ready to use their already very advanced camera technology for smart phones.

But which technology is the fastest and best? Although this does not have any accurate answers, but because of different technologies have different purposes, so for consumers, and there is no uniform standard. So now science and technology website phone arena we summarizes the currently in smart phone application of several advanced camera technology, take a look at what is just a marketing gimmick, and what really for photo imaging effect really effective.

1, phase detection auto focus (PDAF)

Three star will this technology from the digital SLR camera on the S5 Galaxy body, officially entered the field of smart phones. Compared with the traditional "contrast" detection technology, the phase detection technology can be more accurate and faster than the target, especially in the dark scene. The built in phase detection sensor can make the camera to make the appropriate adjustments, so as to produce a totally different effect compared with the ordinary sensor.

2, Pixel Focus

Pixel Focus is an innovative technology for apple, which is essentially a phase detection pixel technology, is applied to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks to Apple's design new image signal processor, focus pixels can be as sensor provides more image information and bring better and faster autofocus, even in the preview can be clear at a glance. They can now shoot FPS 1080p 30/60 video, as well as the slow motion video 720p 240fps.

3, laser auto focus

It first appeared on the G3 LG, which needs to be attached to a miniature transmitter on the camera's lens. I believe you must have heard before in the construction or interior decoration, workers will use laser technology to determine the height or horizontal distance. The 13000000 pixel laser automatic focus camera on the use of G3 LG is used to compare similar working principle. At the back of the Lg3 transmitter can emit low intensity pulsed laser and then through an infrared sensing device on the left side of the camera will rebound reflected back the signal recovery, so as to realize the focus.

Each infrared pulsed beam can be set up in a precise range after the electronic measuring device has been repeatedly calculating the reflection time. The ISP receiver can calculate how far the specific object or scene, while locked up in the most suitable depth of focus. And it all seems complex, but in fact only a fraction of a fraction of a second, almost no process. According to LG official said, G3 LG focus time is only 0.276 seconds, which is really impressive.

4, infrared focus

One of the biggest highlights of the association in this year's MWC Mobile World Congress is the flagship camera Shot Vibe. This model in addition to aluminum metal and glass body, but also equipped with a 16000000 pixel OIS optical anti shake camera and three color LED flash, of course, there is an infrared auto focus function. Basically, this is another version of the LG laser focus, you can make Shot Vibe 2 times faster than the ordinary auto focus technology.

5, dual camera

Currently including One M8 HTC and HUAWEI glory 6 Plus are both used a dual camera module, and this has brought some unique advantages. Users can take pictures, and then select the focus of the photo and the aperture, basically the same as the effect of the Lytro square camera. Dual camera head of the obvious advantages, a camera is used to capture a fixed depth of field, and also a camera can begin to focus on the object or scene. At the same time, two cameras can also have a different exposure time, so that the dynamic effect is more vivid.

6, planar image PDAF

The latest release of the 21000000 pixel stacked IMX230 sensor for the first time in the smart phone camera using a planar image phase detection technology. The phase detection technology borrowed from the principle of micro camera with interchangeable lenses, by 192 AF points can be for high-speed mobile objects HD tracking shot, such as children, pets, or car. Currently outside the prediction of this sensor will appear in the body of the SONY Z4 Xperia, while it is also allowed to shoot real-time HDR photos and video, which is the same as S6 Galaxy. However there are some custimized mobile such as non camera smartphone for specified person.

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