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Electric Skateboard is the best outdoor sport for us

In my memory, the first touch with skateboarding, it was someday in the summer. My good friend took his roller skating and slid back and forth in the yard.

Sometimes it is fast and slow, and it also performs various rotations and jumps. The few little friends around were stunned, and the envious eyes stared at the skateboard, and of course I was no exception. The little friends saw that he played so smoothly, they all rushed to try it, but who knows that…


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Self balancing skateboard for teenagers and children

Let’s start look at our solution to the top rated self-balancing scooter. The trip is means completely different than unique electric skateboards. If it is advisable to experience the perfect hoverboard journey the instrument isn't up to par if it lacks these features.…


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The coolest HoverShoes power shoe in 2018

Are you still playing an electric smart self balancing scooter or longboard electric skateboard? It is now obsolete! According to "Daily Mail", the China Koowheel company has developed a very special Hovershoes …


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Electric Power Freewheeling Extremely-Mini self balance scooter

Most of the people wish to have the ability to fly, and feeling the  freedom of the world.

Hovershoes are the very best electric device to commute and play. We strive to supply the very best merchandise and most nice service to all our prospects. The KOOWHEEL Hovershoes do auto-stability after you flip them on. Koowheel can attain speeds of 12 Km/H and canopy a distance of 10KM on a single 1.5H charge.…


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The most well-liked Good Quality Hovershoes single wheel electric scooter


You simply have to take pleasure in it on the street. You don’t need something more. Hover shoes additionally get you locations sooner and you don’t have to use very a lot energy from your body. Have you ever ever wanted to have the ability to fly. Have you ever heard of hoverboards? They're thought-about safer than typical hoverboards and are simpler to be taught. Obviously we might see them replacing hoverboards simple! Koowheel's latest…


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KOOWHEEL Hovershoes Assessment: A lot of Enjoyable, Value The value

Usually should you don’t have something awesome, your rapid response is to get it, so if you see how cool our sneakers are you will definitely need to buy them. The Koowheel Hovershoes are a newly created type of self-balancing scooter footwear that can present a fun, modern solution to get around for transportation or leisure purposes which are certain to be successful amongst a number of various demographics. Electric…


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The most meaningful childhood gift for your children

Do you think what's the most meaningful childhood gift for your children?

With the advancement of society and the emergence of technological products, more and more parents pay attention to whether children's childhood is happy, and even whether they can experience and learn more solutions to the problems encountered in life from entertainment.

hovershoes accompany your kids

As a parent, have you considered whether your child will encounter difficulties during his or her growth, and worry…


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What's the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated notably by the Chinese peoples. As Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival, its legends are usually related to the moon. The festival is held on Aug 15th(in the lunar calendar ) with full moon at night, corresponding to late September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with a full moon at night.

Due to ancient China's cultural influence, the Mid-Autumn Festival has spread to other…


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Can Electric Skateboards Go Up Hills?

Many of the folks that purchase electrical skateboards have a crucial question: will electric skateboards go up hills?

Some individuals really do use their electric skateboards to urge around city for the sake of travel or running some minor errands, and lots of individuals sleep in area unitas that are mountainous enough to be anxious regarding whether or not or not electric skateboards will build it up steep terrains.

Ultimately, it depends upon the electric…


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How A lot Do Electric Hoverboard Price?

Your greatest wager in regards to safety is to opt for a model made by a reputable producer, comparable to IO Hawk, Hovertrax, PhunkeeDunk, Ninebot, and Koowheel. The board meets safety regulations of overheating or quick circuiting. Large smart balance two wheel self balancing scooter that comes with an LG. Select the Electric Scooter which is in the range of your budget but…


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Why do you need an Electric Skateboard?

You needn’t be associate in Nursing adrenaline-addicted speed fiend to understand the attractiveness of  longboard electrical skateboards. As modes of transportation go, they’re extremely sensible. These boards simply fly on on their own, no kicking needed. They’re as intuitive to regulate as a Segway, however you look a great deal cooler riding one.

Even if you never…


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Balance scooter Lets children to put down their phones

A few days ago, The 3rd China Self balancing scooter Sports Performance Competition was held in Baoding, Hebei Provinc. On the court, the players performed well and the unique moments left on the field showed the unique charm of self balancing electric scooter.

But unlike the past, these players will play well after only four days of rigorous training.…


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Meet the Next Future Trend ——Hovershoes

Enthusiast of self-balancing personal transporters have bulk product to decide on from: electrical skateboards, hoverboards, e-scooters and bikes. However all of those devices tether the feet and limit two-footed quality. However that is not the case with the Hovershoes.

From the team…


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Chinese Valentine Days —Special love for special person

The last "Valentine's Day" in 2018 is last Friday, and it is also the Chinese traditional Valentine's festival "Qi Xi Festival(Every year on July 7th in lunar calendar)". It is said that Cowherd and the Weaver Girl will meet at the Bridge, which is decorated with love and is very romantic. I am so excited when I think about it. We don’t know which handsome guy is going to give a gift to a beautiful girl. "Qi Xi…


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Which kind of transportation tool is more fashion and stable?

Recently, one of my friends met her new friend, very handsome and enthusiastic boy. They discussed what kind of transportation tool is more comfortable and fashionable. They tested a large number of short-term transportation tool, and finally picked out the best and fashionable one which is more suitable for modern young people—Hover shoes. This not only a tricks play toy but a short-term transportation tool.…


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Koowheel Hoverschuhe: selbstbalancierende Rollschuhe

E-Mobilität wird ein immer größeres Thema, zumindest sehen wir in Ländern wie der USA und Frankreich verschiedenste Elektroroller und E-Bikes. Kürzlich hat das FIIDO D1 E-Bike für Staunen gesorgt, der Xiaomi M365 E-Roller ist schon länger fester Bestandteil unseres Büros. Einen etwas anderen Weg gehen die Koowheel…


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Koowheel Hovershoes X1 and Segway W1, which do you prefer to choose?

With the world's two major self balancing scooter hoverboard brands have launched their new products--- Electric Roller Skate Hovershoes.

Self balancing hovershoes is simpler and more funny! The move forwards, backwards, turn and…


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Intelligent extension of the entertainment experience

e skate board have an innate entertainment attribute. In the late 1950s, residents of the Southern California beach community created the world's first skateboard. As an extension of surfing on land, skate longboard has been brewing for a long time, becoming the fashion and trend in the eyes of the younger generation. This…


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What kind of experience Electric longboard D3M will bring?

Long Electric skateboard's high-profile appearance and full of technology have attracted the attention of many consumers and technology media. Some people think that it is a tool for future generation; some people think it is a high-powered entertainment toy. So, as an intelligent upgrade of traditional skateboards, what kind of experience will Koowheel…


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Why sometimes the remote controller is out of order while riding the skateboard?

In the fast pace of modern life, most of white-collar want to go to and leave work…


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