kinoki official Detox patches on the feet are a safe, non-invasive and effective way of cleansing your body. Promote the absorption of toxic and health hazardous substances from the body through the skin.This process is not only revitalizing a cleansing, but also strengthens the immune system. The result may be an improvement in blood circulation and metabolism function better. The mild warming up in the place of application support and a good quality sleep and relaxes muscles.
Essentially, the pads are treated with green tea and vinegar, known antioxidants, and will react with moisture in the air or sweat from your foot, rendering the pad a dark color. This is a common theme amongst products that have a "detox" effect — the ingredients themselves will turn black, sludgy or start to smell just by reacting with water. In a similar variant to these pads reviewed by Ben Goldacre in Bad Science, the primary ingredient was "hydrolyzed cellulose" — or in less obfuscatory terms, sugar — so it is little wonder that after a night being exposed to sweat that the pads produce a sticky substance.
Discover a unique way of detoxification, which has helped thousands of people around the world and feel the beneficial effects of detox patches known as traditional Japanese medicine.Avoid accumulation of toxins in the body and significantly reduce the likelihood of various diseases! Cleansing diet or detox diet combined with wholesale kinoki pads
is an ideal way to detoxify the body and the body.

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