Cats and dogs will make a mess of your houseplants if they can reach them. In addition to protecting your plants, it’s important to keep pets away from them because many common houseplants are toxic.

1. Hanging baskets in your windows are a good solution for trailing plants like philodendrons, and they’ll get plenty of sun.
2. Indoor plant stands work well if you have a small dog that can’t knock them over.
3. If you have cats, try a plant shelf located away from furniture and appliances.
4. Wall planters are a unique decorative choice. They work especially well for growing herbs in the kitchen.
5. Cats particularly dislike citrus scents. Some pet owners use essential oils to keep cats away from planters and off furniture.
6. To create an enclosed plant stand, paint a sturdy metal birdcage and stand to match your decor. Put small or medium plants inside. Make sure the stand is well braced.
7. Do you have built-in bookcases? Reserve the top shelf for plants.
8. “Cat grass” may satisfy a cat’s urge to chew on plants.
9. If all else fails, designate a “no pets” plant room. A sunny garden room will allow you to overwinter plants from your patio.
10 To keep your pets safe, ask your landscaper about non-toxic houseplants.

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