In some cases you may find some issues with Xero subscription and get frustrated to complete the process of accounting and other business related exercises. To solve the issue you need to call at Xero customer service  and get the complete support from expert professionals.

  1. Subscription payment issue:

You need to check the payment details that may have changed

Your payment attempt may have failed, that is preventing you to access

In any case if your payment is overdue you cannot access the Xero software


  1. Credit or debit card issues:

 In some cases you may get some error messages while trying to update your credit card or debit card with the Xero. There could be some specific reason that can cause the errors. Like if your card has been expired or auto-fill programs such as LastPass or KeePass has not been adjusted properly.


  1. Issue with organization’s subscriber

At last if you have some other subscriber with your Xero account and left the organization without transferring the subscription you may get some issues.

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Visit here: Xero technical support

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