How you need to manage your office shifting:

There is many reasons why an organization shifts to a new place, but the efforts and planning require to shift your business is similar. The key to a successful office shifting is to delegate the office shifting work to a team as well as to make one coordinator to manage all the shifting tasks, the office shifting require the following steps to follow

Planning of office shifting work: 
Make a timeline which has all the important stages of your shifting. Show that to your manage or the higher authority to get all the necessary approvals.

In case if you a small office, then you need minimum three month for preparation, and for the medium size office you need at least 6 months to complete all the preparation, and if in case you are planning to shift a large commercial then minimum time you need is 2 years to make sure that all the work is done perfectly. We packers and movers in Gugaon have successful track record of outstanding services.

The next but the most important step is that you get the blueprint of your new address, as then only you can identify key factors such as electrical points and outlets, storage space, server space, and you would get the idea of the total space of your new office.

Make sure that all the construction and cosmetic changes has to be done, before the shifting happens.

Calculate your Budget: 
If you have given a specific budget for your shifting, then it became very important that you calculate the total cost before you hires the packing and moving company.
Assign Task to a dedicated Team 

Once you hired a packing and moving company, they will create a list of the assignments which you need to be completed and should be in your timeline.You must require the different service providers such as internet, telephone line providers, IT specialist etc.   Meet the supervisors of that area and ask them what all services you need to fix the issues of your department if shifting happens.

Identify the packing and moving company: This is the most important task where you have to hire a good and professionalpackers and movers.  There is many shifting companies how has specialization in office shifting. Make sure that you do all the research about the packing and moving company. Start early to find the best packing and moving company for yourself as this is the only way that you get the best price deal.

Prepare a contact list: 
This is very important that you inform everybody in the organization that you are planning to shift your business ,all your clients, suppliers, vendors, service provider should be aware about your new office location.It’s always good that you delegate the responsibility to check that weather everyone is informed or not to one person. He would notify everyone about your shifting, by contacting them personally. Make sure that you share your new contact details to all the stakeholders, well before the time.

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